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Gunman Holding Peace Western Book Cover Illustration

Dodge City Sheriff, Original 18″x 24″ Oil Rolled Canvas, not framed.   $4,990. Now 50% reduced to $2,495.00 

Size 18″x 24″ image online, and color do not justify the Original Painting in my collection.


The Dodge City Sheriff is a stunning piece of art that captures the essence of the Wild West. This original 18"x 24" oil rolled canvas features a courageous lawman, ready to defend the town from any danger. The details are exquisite, from the Sheriff's badge to the intricate stitching on his leather holster. This piece is perfect for any Western enthusiast or collector, and at a 50% reduction, it's very reasonably priced. Don't miss your chance to own this striking work of art. Need help? >>>back to the paintings

Doge City Sheriff Keeping The Piece

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