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Original Old Wild West Art Paintings

Updated: Jan 22

Original Fine Art Painting Sale.

Art Lovers, surprise your man with Sophisticated Quality Original Canvas Art produced in America!

Bernie Habicht Fine Art Private Collection, Needs Art Lovers, Collectors, for Private Sale see more here


This original, 20"x 24" oil on board glaced to protect detailed painting is a stunning addition to any fine art collection. The piece depicts a Sheriff in an old western town surrounded by old wooden buildings and dirt roads. Originally valued at $4,990. it has been reduced to only $2,495. This original Fine Art Painting is from the artist's art studio private and online art gallery collection. This is a rare opportunity to own an exquisite piece of original fine art at a discounted price. Don't miss out on the chance to add this incredible painting to your collection.

This Original Fine Art Canvas Illustration canvas painting used for a book cover comes without a frame and is a Western Enthusiast great find for an exceptional special price, just think you have an opportunity to get a $5,00.00 original Fine Art Illustration that is in the artist's private collection and ready to be released. Similar artwork like this illustration, at auctions go for up to $50,00.00 go here to see more,

Please Contact BernieHabicht with

Early  Western Settlers In Harsh Surroundings
4 wild West Paintings

Check-in to see what paintings are still available above and the possibility for giclee printing

Painting of Cowboy with Gun Looking To Keep The Pease
Wild West Sheriff Painting

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