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Seeing the World from an Astronaut Angle "Space Walk"

Updated: Jan 20

Space Walk, Original 24″x36″ Oil On Canvas Gallery Price $3,990.00 Now 70 % Reduced $1,995.00 see here We are not hanging up cheep Fake Chinese mass produced prints.

Original Fine Art Painting of astronaut detailed painting in space
Astronaut in space painting

The idea to paint this Space Walk awesomely illustration came simply to be, as I visiting the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando Florida.

Experience the beauty of space with this stunning 24"x36" oil on canvas painting, titled "Space Walk". The painting captures the majesty of an astronaut as they float weightlessly through the vast expanse of space. The vibrant colors and intricate details make this piece a true work of art. For additional information on Astronaut in Space Original Canvas Painting to own it call Bernie Habicht the artist 561 356 4120 or

This original original fine art oil on canvas illustration painting took me many hours of time spend, it is well into thousands of dollars. Back in Kennedy Space Center we met one of NASA'S hero astronaut employer in a Space Suit waddling for all the tourists to see. A chance for me to take some photographs for my new painting Space Walk.

Below a earlier sketched version as you can see, every thing must be painted inch by inch and with acerated detail. to see more go here:

 oil Painting of Astronaut  sketched in
Astronaut painting stage 2

Earlier Astronaut Space Suite
Astronaut Painting In Progress
 Asronaut Greeting Us In Space Painting
Closeup Space Suit

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